April 30, 2022

RefPal now operating in 5 countries

As we are starting our second year of international sales we are providing video analysis and referee development platform for 5 countries. There are over 600 users, more than 1500 games analyzed, close to 20 000 incidents in our database and almost 100 000 logins during this quarter.

Spring season in Europe brought two additions with Faroe Islands and Latvia teaming up with RefPal to develop their referees. Both leagues use a mixture of Key Incidents and Learning Points analysis, with their referees becoming active participants from day one of the cooperation. We held several start-up seminars for both referees (Faroe Islands spring seminar pictured above) and observers through ZOOM and also translated the system into Russian for the Latvian refereeing community. Now RefPal is available in 4 languages: English, Russian, Arabic and Estonian.
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April 21, 2021

Finland joins RefPal community

Finnish Football Association becomes the first international partner to join the new referee video development system RefPal created and used in Estonia since 2017. Finnish refereeing comes aboard with both men’s and women’s leagues. Altogether over 150 users starting from Finnish FIFA referees and assistant referees, both male and female top league referees, observers and talent referees from first and second league join the Finnish referee department in analysing, evaluating and discussing both Veikkausliiga and Kansallinen liiga matches and incidents each week.
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April 15, 2021

Growth mindset in refereeing

Why do we need to change our mentality towards making mistakes? Why is the true measure of a referee the way he deals with errors and how can we at RefPal help the refereeing community to change their mindsets?

To start I will take you back to my first ever 8,5 as a referee in UEFA competitions. It happened in a 2012 Europa League qualifier in the Netherlands with a Scottish observer. We managed the game well, got lucky with some decisions, and came away winners. The observer was pleased and during the aftermatch dinner described me as a natural referee with enormous talent. God, it made me proud and my self-confidence skyrocketed. To be fair I got another 8.5 in the spring of 2013, possibly flying on the wave of self-confidence created in Twente. The next one took 5 years and arrived in 2018 - so what happened?
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December 05, 2019

Welcome to RefPal!

Like its name indicates, RefPal is built to be a referee´s friend.

True friends know every small detail about you. They are honest and open with you. True friends will praise you, but also point your mistakes out to you. They help you grow and they grow with you. You think about them daily and want to spend time with them. They can be crazy and fun with you, but when it comes to things you consider important in your life, they are there to help you achieve them.

With no need to overexaggerate, this what RefPal does...
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