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RefPal, like the name indicates, is built to be a referee´s friend.

True friends know every small detail about you. They are honest and open with you. True friends will praise you, but also point your mistakes out to you. They help you grow and they grow with you. You think about them daily and want to spend time with them. They can be crazy and fun with you, but when it comes to things you consider important in your life, they are there to help you achieve them.

This is what RefPal does. 2 seasons online has proved this, whilst growing the Estonian refereeing community strong and united. With no outward pressure today 2/3 of the Estonian referees log in daily and are eager to participate in the learning process. RefPal is easy and fun to use, but it is also demanding and takes you out of your comfort zone so that you can improve and progress as a referee.

Friendship is a beautiful thing. We invite you on a journey. See where it takes you… ;)

Sincerely Yours
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Learn more about the benefits of RefPal, see the system close-up, get deeper input on how & why RefPal works, and how it makes your referees work.
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