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As RefPal is growing fast we welcome a PHP Full Stack Developer for managing back-end services and the interchange of data between the server and the users. Your primary focus will be the development of all server-side logic, definition and maintenance of the central database, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end. You will also be responsible for integrating the front-end elements into the application.

Product - RefPal Network:
Software Developer Job Responsibilities:
Computer Programmer Skills / Qualifications:

The application currently utilizes a mix of technologies in development – primarily PHP (8.2) with JavaScript and LESS, and MySQL (10.4) database. Version control experience using GIT is strongly preferred, or an equivalent similar tool. Experience with infrastructure and server management is beneficial. A thorough ability to connect to, navigate and run commands under Linux is expected. Knowledge for PHP components (like PhpSpreadsheet, PHPMailer, getID3) would be beneficial.

Education and Experience Requirements:
We offer:
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