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RefPal is an innovative video analysis tool for referees to improve their performances, and for refereeing departments to develop their referees.
The best testimonial to RefPal is the fact that 66% of our FIFA referees moved up a category in UEFA rankings after their first RefPal year.
Hannes Kaasik Estonia (Head referee)

Systematic and engaging, even addictive

At RefPal we have taken a scientific approach to the art of refereeing, adding interaction and fun to the learning process, and created a strong community around the game we love.
All-in-one tool
Everything you need in refereeing analysis, education and match preparation is in the same place and within a click, creating efficiency & time save.
Systematic Learning
Evaluating incidents on comparative scales divided into topics and subtopics, referees learn how to react in each specific situation during a match.
Working with the latest incidents and getting committee feedback before the next round while comparing your theoretical accuracy with others creates passion and daily logins.
Using the same method to analyze incidents from all the matches creates an open environment and basis for continuous discussion within a country and a shared experience between the FA-s and confederations.
With RefPal referees and committees save time and resources while becoming passionately involved in what they love.


Major time save for everyone involved. Learning much, much more.
  • Saving time on game analyses
    (3 hours ⇒ 30 minutes)
  • Saving time on observing and evaluating
    (1 game ⇒ whole round)
  • Saving time on tests and seminars
  • Instant feedback to and from referees
  • Multiplying the experience gained


Automatic statistics in different modules reveal decision accuracy, theoretical interpretation accuracy and development of both over time.
  • Key performance indicators
  • Understanding problem areas
  • Best Practice Library
  • Accountability & transparency
  • Behaviour of teams and players
  • Usage of the system


Enhanced refereeing performances through experiences gained in RefPal lead to calmer, more confident and better prepared referees.
  • Improved technical skills
  • Improved decision accuracy
  • Improved match control
  • Improved mental strength
  • Consistency across the league


International RefPal community creates shared experiences and enables instant exchange of knowhow and opinion.
  • Creating networks between committees
  • Creating networks between referees
  • Shared experiences between countries
  • Involving experts from abroad
  • Mentoring of referees
A globally connected refereeing community
Our vision is to be the leading tool for refereeing analysis, development and preparation.
You can rely on us
Proven engagement
RefPal attracts 66% of our referees to log in daily & 80% in every two days.
Proven development
4 out of 6 Estonian FIFA referees promoted in 2018/2019. Improved decision accuracy and theoretical know-how during 3 years of use.
Created by referees
The only software on the market that is being developed and actively managed by FIFA referees working in UEFA competitions.

RefPal Services

Annual licenceVideo analysisAdministrationExpert Opinion

Learning and fun together

Full use of all the RefPal capabilities during a season.
  • Set-up of the system
  • Use of all the modules
    ○ Game & marking module
    ○ Incidents module
    ○ Statistics & rankings module
    ○ Team & player scouting module
    ○ E-Learning center (VAR, Test, Seminar, RefScale, LOTG)
    ○ International module
  • Introductory seminar for all users
  • Full support for admin users
  • Translation of the system (additional fee)

Saving time and resources

Our experienced video analysts create a refereeing highlights video of all the major refereeing incidents of a game. It gives a full performance overview, allows to focus on only the most important aspects and saves time on everything else.
  • Refereeing highlights video
    ○ Full match in 10-15 minutes
    ○ All important highlights included
    ○ Using zoom, slow-motions, still frames etc

* administration included in the service

Systematic learning made simple

To maximize the benefits of RefPal there needs to be a clear, universal and consistent way of identifying incidents from each game while coherently categorizing them into topics and subtopics. We do it for you so you can focus on evaluation and learning.
  • Creation of incidents for evaluation
  • Categorization of incidents into topics and sub-topics
  • Adding roles (players and referees)
  • Creation of thumbnails
  • Keeping the teams, players and users up-to-date

Adding international know-how

We provide you with expert comments and evaluations of each created incident based on the latest UEFA guidelines so that you have an outside view and an additional opinion.
  • An international RefPal expert evaluates all incidents
  • Comments based on latest UEFA guidelines
  • Evaluations available in 72h


Our success rate doesn't speak for itself. Here's what our clients think.

Niclas Erdmann

Referee Abroad Academy director, Germany

"RefPal marks an indispensable cornerstone of the Academy where we bring young refereeing talents from across Europe to a youth tournament and offer them a first international, professional coaching experience. RefPal helps us create consistency and a better basis for discussion and learning in the group. Research says that participative learning environments obtain the best results and this is why our officials enjoy and appreciate RefPal very much before and during the tournament."

Grigori Ošomkov

RefPal referee of the year 2019, Estonia

"RefPal has given me a professional way of analyzing my performances and i can feel a big difference in how i manage and control the games. It has also helped me reach better consistency in decision making as my yellow card accuracy has significantly increased during the last 2 seasons."

Kristo Tohver

FIFA referee, 1st category in UEFA, Estonia

"The best referees are those who have the best team around them. RefPal has given me an opportunity to work closely with my team in analyzing all of our international games, learn from our inevitable mistakes and prepare for the future. Discussing the incidents and agreeing best practices in our "Private league" has unified our approach, improved our co-operation and consistency."
1 252 Games analysed
15 842 Situations evaluated
451 Happy users
86 483 Logins last quarter


April 21, 2021

Finland joins RefPal community

Finnish Football Association becomes the first international partner to join the new referee video development system RefPal created and used in Estonia since 2017. Finnish refereeing comes aboard with both men’s and women’s leagues. Altogether over 150 users starting from Finnish FIFA referees and assistant referees, both male and female top league referees, observers and talent referees from first and second league join the Finnish referee department in analysing, evaluating and discussing both Veikkausliiga and Kansallinen liiga matches and incidents each week.
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April 15, 2021

Growth mindset in refereeing

Why do we need to change our mentality towards making mistakes? Why is the true measure of a referee the way he deals with errors and how can we at RefPal help the refereeing community to change their mindsets?

To start I will take you back to my first ever 8,5 as a referee in UEFA competitions. It happened in a 2012 Europa League qualifier in the Netherlands with a Scottish observer. We managed the game well, got lucky with some decisions, and came away winners. The observer was pleased and during the aftermatch dinner described me as a natural referee with enormous talent. God, it made me proud and my self-confidence skyrocketed. To be fair I got another 8.5 in the spring of 2013, possibly flying on the wave of self-confidence created in Twente. The next one took 5 years and arrived in 2018 - so what happened?
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December 05, 2019

Welcome to RefPal!

Like its name indicates, RefPal is built to be a referee´s friend.

True friends know every small detail about you. They are honest and open with you. True friends will praise you, but also point your mistakes out to you. They help you grow and they grow with you. You think about them daily and want to spend time with them. They can be crazy and fun with you, but when it comes to things you consider important in your life, they are there to help you achieve them.

With no need to overexaggerate, this what RefPal does...
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Learn more about the benefits of RefPal, see the system close-up,
get deeper input on how & why RefPal works, and how it makes your referees work.

Jalgpalli 21, 11312, Tallinn, Estonia

+372 529 3294, Kristo Tohver


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