Proven development

1. Promotions in UEFA categories

4 out of 6 Estonian FIFA referees have been promoted in 2018/19 in the UEFA referee categories.

2. Accuracy in decision making

3 years of experience in the Estonian league shows results.
Yellow card accuracy has increased from 70% (2017) → 78% (2019) → 80% (2021).
Red card accuracy has increased from 62% (2019) → 72% (2020) → 81% (2021).
Penalty accuracy has increased from 71% (2019) → 75% (2020) → 81% (2021).

When looking at problem areas then the lowest YC-s accuracy in “Severity of offence” in 2017 was in subtopics “Hand to “head” and “Stamp on foot”. The problem areas were identified and brought under attention in the learning process. The results have gone up as follows:

3. Theoretical know-how

*RefPal rating shows the average evaluation mark deviance from the official mark


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